Tough Love...Food Facts I wish I had learned before Alex got bladder stones.....some of the best articles we have found on pet nutrition linked below.

Alex as a healthy kitten

Having a tough time after surgery

All better now, but still giving me that so hard to resist snack craving gaze. Alex is on a struvite management wet diet now, so from now on it's "I Love You, therefore No."


Alex has a pretty compelling snack requesting repertoire. First the painfully wistful look, then a small cry with tilted head, then walks around behind me and pokes me in the back repeatedly, then combines all three. It's totally my fault-- I got him hooked wanting to spoil him out of "love." But my fear is that all the dry snacking took its toll. So from here on, tough love (tough on me too!).

How did we get here? Did Alex's love for (and insistence on!) dry snacks play a role? Not enough wet food? Poorly filtered well water?


Please Read This Fantastic Article about Feline Urinary Tract Health:


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nutrition article from the same author:

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