Our primary role at For the Love of Alex is funding life-saving veterinary care for pets in need. However, we can't resist helping hungry, homeless animals and find it impossible to turn away a starving animal (out of the question!) Meet some of our rescued loved ones below.

Sylvester: Wants to rule the roost but not a chance!

Pumpkin: Came treading neck deep through the snow, so hungry. From feral to family after 6 months of trust-building.

Daisy, rescued from the SPCA, sweet and shy.

Calico: If she covers her eyes it's dark enough to sleep.

Jazzy: Still a little wild, looks alot like Daisy but green eyes instead of amber.

Mr. Boy and Calico are inseparable mates who came together in search of food. Mr Boy was trying to look after Calico but it was tough going.

Sadie was a starving stray, gorgeous velvet fur and so much personality!

Foxy, another SPCA rescue, pretty cat with attitude.

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