This page is dedicated to some of the beloved pets who have benefited from veterinary care funded by For the Love of Alex


Mollie is a female cat about 6 years old who was diagnosed in April, 2013, with an abdominal mass. Malignancy was a definite fear as Mollie underwent surgery. Happily, her mass was not cancerous, and she made a complete recovery. Here's a note about Mollie from her family: "I adopted Mollie from the Abington SPCA four years ago (2009). She and her litter-mate Ollie were adopted at the same time. Mollie is a friendly cat that loves to hear me sing. She really has brought joy to our household. She is a very happy 6 year old kitty."  Her brother Ollie is so happy to have Mollie home, too!


Boo is an adorable Maltese whose owner had saved for 3 months to pay for his dental care. The night before his appointment (mid-July, 2013), Boo started showing signs of illness and upon examination, x-ray and ultrasound it was confirmed that he was suffering from bladder stones. His family could in no way afford the surgery needed. After learning of their struggle to save for the dental care alone, For The Love Of Alex funded Boo's entire care cost. Boo's happy and healthy back home now. Boo's family has loved him since he was just 6 weeks old. Boo received fabulous care from Dr. Alex Mora & the staff at New Hartford Animal Hospital.

We loved receiving this sweet, thoughtful photo card from Mollie and her family




Cheyenne is a beautiful, sweet 7 year old female smooth fox terrier who was admitted to Harleysville Veterinary Hospital very ill in May, 2013, with a severe case of  pyometra. Cheyenne underwent an ovariohysterectomy and spent five days in the hospital.  With proper care and medication she has made a complete recovery.  Cheyenne could not have survived without this treatment, and now can go on to live a full and happy life with her family.


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Clyde is a 10 year old male American Shorthair and here is his story as told to us by his loving family: "We purchased Clyde from a local pet shop in September of 2003. He grabbed our attention as he came right over to us so we couldn't resist. Since then he has brought so much joy to our lives. He enjoys sunbathing, belly rubs, dripping faucets and warm laps. He also enjoys our two young children and lets them play with him, pick him up, etc. In April of 2013 Clyde got sick. He was vomiting and could not keep anything down. After several rounds of x-rays and blood work it was still undetermined as to what was wrong. Clyde underwent exploratory surgery and it was discovered he had a bleeding ulcer and previous pancreatitis. After a week in the hospital, Clyde is home and continuing treatments. He is doing much better. We would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Walter and all the other doctors at Harleysville Veterinary Hospital. Also we are extremely grateful to "For The Love Of Alex" in helping us pay for Clyde's medical expenses."


Chloe was brought to Harleysville Animal Hospital In June, 2013 with symptoms of acute vomiting and an inability to eat. Chloe loves to chew on ribbon and stringy items, and X-rays supported suspicion that she had ingested a foreign object.  Surgery was a definite possibility, but after 24 hours of supportive care (IV fluids and gastro-protectants) she began slowly eating and improving.


Chloe was able to recover without surgery, and her family sent us this beautiful note about her: "Chloe came to our family with her sister, both via The Stray Cat Blues. Chloe developed an immediate, strong bond with our son, quickly becoming 'his' cat. Chloe is a very sweet cat that loves to sleep in sun puddles and get her belly rubbed. She also loves our dog, and frequently pets herself against him. Chloe is quick to purr, loves to eat, and is a very affectionate sweetie. She provides our family with lovely,

Half Moon

Half Moon is a very young member of a litter of pit bull pups hoping for a new loving home while being cared for by a compassionate family. He suffered from a condition very similar to Chloe's (he ate something indigestible!) and was also facing possible surgery to relieve the blockage. However Half Moon, like Chloe, responded very well to supportive care and was able to avoid surgery and return home after a couple of days in the hospital.


Tuxcedo is a 3 1/2 year-old male cat who suffered from urinary tract blockage multiple times (like Alex's condition, and extremely life-threatening). After repeated episodes, he underwent perineal urethrostomy (also called PU surgery) to increase the urethral opening, dramatically reducing Tuxcedo's chances for future blockage. Tux did very well and as of this writing is recovering nicely at home. His family says, "Our Tuxcedo is recovering from his surgery and making us smile day by day", and they sent the awesome letter shown here.


quiet company, and we all adore her. From the day we met her we knew she belonged with us, and our son (who is now 16) is already asking if college dorm rooms allow cats, as he can't imagine not having her in his life. As a family, we would like to thank For The Love Of Alex for helping us get Chloe well so she could come back home."


Annabelle is a female cat who came to Harleysville Veterinary Hospital with urinary blockage symptoms in March, 2013. Xrays revealed bladder stones, similar to the problem Alex had experienced. With special diet, Annabelle  was extremely fortunate in that her stones were passed and she recovered fully without the need for surgery. Annabelle's family sent these kind words to   their vet at HVH: "Thank you Dr. Gonzalez, it really means a lot to have Annabelle here with us especially after losing Lokie.  It wouldn't have been possible  without you and the kindness of this organization."


Mercedes is a lovely,  8 year old pit bull mixed breed female who was diagnosed with pyometra in June, 2013. Like Cheyenne (above) she underwent an ovariohysterectomy surgery and was hospitalized for several days. Mercedes recovered beautifully and her family writes: "Mercedes is 8 years old and we have had her since she was 10 months old. She is a loving part of our family. Our children love her and look forward to playing with her. She enjoys car rides and taking walks along the Perkiomen Trail."


Timmy is a gorgeous,  11 year old orange tabby male who was brought in to Harleysville Veterinary Hospital for care relating to digestive problems and diabetes. Timmy needed to undergo glucose curve testing ( the most effective way to monitor and adjust insulin therapy in diabetic cats). Timmy was also placed on a special diet to be sure he gets the proper nutrition for managing his condition. Reading Timmy's story, and understanding the tremendous love his "Mom" has for him, made us so happy we were able to help. Here are her words:


"On March 18th, 2003, I looked out my kitchen window to see a little ball of orange coming to my back door.  He had the most beautiful face that I had ever seen. I was hooked! I brought him in, realizing that he had been dropped off by someone and was very cold and hungry. Timmy's been with us ever since and how we love him. He's my little bitty buddy and we talk all day to each other. Recently we realized that something was wrong with

him and he needed attention, so we took him to a veterinarian. He is receiving help and I am so grateful. Timmy has a severe digestive problem and diabetes and is being helped by Dr. Jonathan Gonzalez who is very conscientious and a real people and pet lover. Thank you for helping Timmy who we love very dearly. You are so kind and thoughtful. Good luck with your project 'For The Love Of Alex.'


PS: I forgot to say that Timmy was approximately 5 months old when he arrived at our home according to a vet. It was my mother's birthday."


Tuxey is a three year old male cat (beautiful eyes!) who was suffering from repeated episodes of life-threatening urinary tract blockage that did not respond to special diet or medication. The best course for Tuxey (like Tuxcedo, above) was to undergo a perineal urethrostomy procedure to increase the urethral opening. Tuxey did very well and is recovering with an excellent prognosis as of this writing.


His family writes: "Tuxey is a very loving cat who even plays with our jack russells every day. We love him very much as he is a part of our family and we don't want him to be in pain anymore. So thanks to a great organization, Tuxey will get the operation he needs to feel better. We are forever grateful."


Macy was brought in to HVH for care in very serious condition after ingesting a stringy object. It was found that the string had actually lacerated her intestines in two places.  Surgery was performed to remove the object and repair the damage. Macy is now home and well now!


Her family wrote us, "Macy is an incredibly sweet Himalayan princess who has been through a lot. She has survived an abusive owner, a month alone outside, unfortunate encounters with a skunk and a car engine, and now a life-saving surgery to remove thread from her intestines. She is very much loved by her family, who loves her gentle snuggling and purr that seems improbably loud for her small, fluffy body."

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Peanut is an extraordinary cat with gorgeous eyes who was obviously distressed when this photo was taken, suffering from urinary tract blockage for the third time in late July, 2013. As a life-saving measure, Peanut underwent perineal urethrostomy surgery funded by For The Love Of Alex. Peanut's family kept us updated on his progress after he returned home, and sent us these notes:


"Peanut is doing so much better. I picked him up yesterday. You wouldn't be able to tell he had surgery on Tuesday morning."


"If he wasn't shaved you would never think he had surgery. He started out with just a UTI in May then a week later he was blocked. I thought he was ok until last Saturday he was blocked again. Back to Harleysville Veterinary Hospital on a Saturday night. Thanks to this fund he is doing great. Thank you again!"


We would like to thank For the Love of Alex for paying for Peanut's surgery. There was no way that I would have been able to afford his surgery. Peanut is a special part of my family. His mother was dropped off at my sister's house when she was pregnant. My sister took her in and when momma cat had the kittens I took them to work for my co-workers to adopt them,  but Peanut stole our hearts, We had to keep him. Peanut is the baby of the family for 5 years now. He would have been sorely missed if he didn't have his surgery. My family and I are so thankful for the help that For the Love of Alex gave us.


Peanut's Family"


And most recently, on August 9th:

"Peanut is doing GREAT! He gets his stitches out on Wednesday. It really is amazing how well he is doing."



Peanut in a lot of discomfort before his operation

Peanut before he got sick playing the all-time feline favorite, "Cat in the Bag"


Mandu is a Chicago area kitty suffering from the all too common urinary tract blockage condition. (Please see our Nutrition & Health page for more on this devastatingly widespread illness and possible ways to minimize its occurrence). Mandu is partially blocked and is currently being treated with medication and special diet. Tests have revealed that his partial blockage is related to a urinary tract infection, and he is taking the appropriate antibiotics. His family had been bounced around to many vets, spent a small fortune and exhausted their funds. The last vet told them to consider euthanizing him.....but under the right care he is doing great and we are pulling for him. Mandu's "mom" has had him since he was just a few weeks old and says she cannot imagine her life without Mandu in it.

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Honey is a 9-yr old Boxer who is unfortunately a repeat offender with respect to eating the inedible, and has had two prior surgeries to remove foreign objects! This time, Honey devoured  a bag of chewable dental treats and became very ill. Fortunately, the treats passed with supportive care which included 3 nights in the hospital and Honey is now fine. You can see she looks very unhappy (and sorry she did it!) in this photo taken at the veterinary facility. For The Love Of Alex funded her care and Honey's family sent us this phenomenal letter:


 "Honey is a 9-yr old American Bulldog/Boxer mix who has been a part of our family since she was a puppy. She is a gentle giant at 80 lbs, and much loved by my girls, who are three and five. Coming in to the vet thinking we might have to put her to sleep, my girls had heavy hearts. Thanks to For The Love Of Alex, my three year old instead was able to pat Honey lovingly on the head and tell her, 'Don't worry, Honey, the doctah is gonna make you all bettah.' "


Harley is a 5-yr old miniature pinscher and is adored by his family. He was brought to Harleysville Animal Hospital suffering from a mass that had developed in his throat. For The Love Of Alex funded his care which included surgery to remove the growth. Harley is home and feeing much better. Sadly, though, Harley's biopsy came back as a malignant spindle cell tumor which means he will have to be watched for signs of recurrence. However the doctors and Harley's family are hopeful that it will not recur. Harley's family wrote us, "Harley is five years old and lives with his cousin Roxy and four cats. Harley is a great, lovable dog and is loved very much by his family."


Dusty is a gorgeous, 4-yr old cat suffering from his second episode of urinary tract blockage. (Please see our Nutrition & Heath page! Dusty was unblocked through catheterization and is still undergoing treatment as of this writing but is doing very well.  The doctors are emphasizing to Dusty's family proper diet and home care for Dusty to avoid another blockage if at all possible. For the Love Of Alex is funding Dusty's care, and we love this letter received from Dusty's family:


"Dusty was 9 weeks old when we adopted him from the pet store. He won our hearts when he wouldn't stop eating my necklace. Needless to say he wouldn't stop eating things for at least 2 years. His favorite things to eat were cell phone charger cords and the cords to the ipad headphones. Dusty is a very lovable cat! If we are lying down on the couch or even the bed he likes to crawl up on your chest and lie down and lick your face. About 2 months ago he started acting funny and wasn't lovable anymore and would meow when we would pick him up. I brought him to Harleysville Veterinary Hospital and he ended up staying with them for several nights because he wasn't able to go to the bathroom. When he came home he was so much more affectionate, it was like he knew that we saved his life. Now he is back with the same problem. My kids are so upset because they read on the internet that cats with this problem end up dying. My son said he's only 4 and still young. My family just wants him better so he can come home. Dusty was given that name because when he was a kitten he was so furry he would dust things as he walked by them. Dusty also loves to lie on his back because he is such a big boy. If there is any kind of box on the floor, no matter the size and no matter if he even really fits into it or not,  he will hop into it."


Spike is a 9-yr old border collie, much adored by his family (who have been dealing with unemployment and illness recently). Poor Spike developed a very large, fast-growing mass and needed immediate care which his family could not afford. For The Love Of Alex funded his care, and he was seen by the compassionate vets at Oak Hill Animal Hospital in Covington, GA, on August 16th. (We are pulling for Spike and grateful to Oak Hill Animal Hospital for caring enough about Spike to work with us before we had a chance to prove to them that we are an organization of integrity. Their concern was for Spike first, and we need more vets like that!!)   Spike had surgery to remove the mass on Aug 20th. He will also be treated for heartworms. Spike is recovering at home now and we will keep updating his progress. The great staff at Oak Hill even went shopping for food and supplies (on behalf of For The Love Of Alex) for Spike and his animal siblings to help out during his recovery period.  (Follow-up Note: Spike's test results revelaled that his mass was not very happy for Spike!)


Meet Sadie! Sadie is a beautiful, 8 year-old cocker spaniel from Conyers, GA,  looking a bit sad eyed as she checks in at Oak Hill Animal Hospital. Sadie was suffering from such serious tooth decay that at least one tooth was shattered and infection was threatening her health. The pain was taking its toll on Sadie, too. For The Love Of Alex funded her care on August 23rd, 2013 and we will update on Sadie's progress.


Update on Sadie 9-3-13: Sadie came through her surgery just fine! The worst tooth was shattered and had to be removed in pieces. Sadie was treated with antibiotics and pain meds and is doing super now, home, happy and healthy!! We loved the letter from her family so much, we couldn't shorten it so please read the attachment (click below)!

Letter from Sadie's family


Tinky is a beautiful kitty from Pennsylvania who lost her human Mom to lung cancer recently and was adopted by her Mom's loving Aunt, along with several other pets. Just as Tinky was trying to adjust, she developed a severe case of pyometra requiring urgent surgery. Tinky's family could not afford her life-saving treatment so For The Love Of

Alex paid for her care. Tinky was

cared for at Harleysville Animal

Hospital and came through the surgery

just fine. She is home recovering

and will soon be completely well.

Tinky sent us a sad note asking us

to "please give me a chance" and with

the help of some donors and what we

were able to chip in, Tinky got what every

beloved pet should always have, her chance.

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